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Syria: Troops and rebels reinforce for big Aleppo battle

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    Syrian rebels contain stepped up their stockpiling of ammunition and medical supplies in preparation to save a grave engagement in Aleppo, a BBC stringer says.
    The rebels, who are in control ample parts of Syria's second municipality, be undergoing position up checkpoints and sniper positions.
    Activists bruit about columns of government troops and tanks are heading toward the metropolis from other areas.
    Aleppo is the fatherland's commercial choice, and is guide to the struggle to curb the north of the country.
    Street battles take been reported everywhere Aleppo with a view on the brink of a week, as rebels strive to enfold on to seized neighbourhoods.
    The BBC's Ian Pannell Bike helmets reviews not quite the city says thousands of people are leaving as fears ripen that an intense action is looming.
    He says the rebels are reinforcing their ranks with more fighters, medical supplies, and ammunition such as Kalashnikov rifles.
    But restive neighbourhoods take been pounded aside artillery, mortars and helicopter gunfire from government forces in recent days.
    And troops and tanks were reported to be heading to Aleppo from the metropolis of Hama, and from the bind posts with Turkey in Idlib province.
    Activists bring to light it is unseemly that the rebels determination be masterly to enfold on to the territory that they have gained if faced with a complete invasion from r‚gime forces.

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